Plasma cutting 
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Plasma cutting  is one of the most efficient ways to get rolled sheet metal products using the method of thermal cutting. The plasma cutting process of metal is based on its local melting and stream-blowing by plasma-forming gas. Regarding the quality of the cut, this type of processing is just slightly inferior only to laser cutting, while surpassing it in terms of economic indicators, at the same time allowing to process a wider range of thicknesses. The small width of the cut and optimisation of cutting on the metal contribute to waste reduction from plasma cutting. 

If you do not have a technical drawing or file for cutting, our staff will make a technical drawing according to your measurements and prepare a file for cutting with plasma.

The parts obtained after plasma cutting, will then be subjected to other types of processing, such as drilling, thread-cutting, punching, bending, welding.

The price of sheet-metal cutting will depend on the type of metal, its thickness and quantity of metal plates. 

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