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Welding works

Our company carries out any type of welding works. We specialize in welding of metal structures: building structures, beams, stairs, railings, fences, awnings, grilles, and other hardware. Welding works for the production of welded structures and products are carried out with the help of special equipment.

We use welding technologies in production, assembly and dismantling of metal structures, and also carry out orders directly involving welding operations: various types of repair and restoration works, welding of metal pipes, etc.

The Baltic metal craft company employs only highly qualified workers with wide experience in their business. Customers can rest assured that their assigned tasks will be performed in time. Please do not hesitate to contact our company if you need welding works done in high quality.


Design of metal structures is a complicated and responsible task, since the end product must meet all the requirements set by the client and, moreover, be durable, solid and reliable. Apart from that, not the least important are ingenuity and beauty of the structure.

In their work, our employees use certified software capable of not only quickly creating a dimensional model of the future structure, but also reducing a possibility of errors to the absolute minimum. We can design metal structures with up to 1 mm precision.

The time and cost of designing are calculated individually for each order. The said criteria depend as a rule on the complexity of the product, its dimensions, need for additional calculations, as well as urgency of the order.

3D visualisation

3D visualisation is an important project design stage. Making photos of your order prior to its execution helps to take account of all the nuances, make the necessary changes in a timely manner and bring the future structure to perfection. 

3D visualization is especially needed where large amounts are invested in the project, since after major expenditure into the structure you do not want to be disappointed if it does not appear as planned. To order visualisation, feel free to call us or send requests to the electronic address indicated on the website. Our consultants will quickly calculate the cost of both 3D visualisation and the end product. You can view all our works in the Gallery.

Plasma cutting

Plasma cutting  is one of the most efficient thermal types of sheet metal cutting, which above all things is distinguished by high precision and quality of processing.

In our work, we use plasma cutting equipment controlled by a modern computer numerical system. Advantages of this type of metalworking include high cutting speed, high productivity, and a possibility to make a product of any complicated geometrical shape.

We carry out cutting according to both our own and the client’s technical drawings.

Due to the use of modern hi-tech specialised equipment with CNC, Baltic metal craft guarantees that cutting will be carried out rapidly and according to high quality standards.